Letter from the President

Dear Alumni and Friends of Kodaikanal International School:

Welcome to the website of Kodai Friends International, Inc. (“KFI”)!


KFI has had a good 11 years since its formation in 2006 and it continues to be robust in financial terms. In the last few years, a lot of KFI’s processes have been standardized and streamlined, i.e. supporting education at KIS as well as KIS alumni in North America including providing assistance in acquiring grants for KIS.

As we are maturing as an organization, we are solidifying a better understanding of how a 501(c)3 company can fulfill its responsibilities as a tax exempt US organization and an organization that supports Kodaikanal.

In addition to KIS, KFI has contributed funds to the Waste Recycling Project undertaken by KIS to benefit other schools in Kodaikanal as well as the general waste recycling management in Kodaikanal Township.

KFI has undertaken the funding of a project to establish baseline estimates of the presence, distribution, and abundance of wildlife populations in the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary in South India. This initiative is in line with KFI’s mission and goals to help not just KIS but to help the general area of Kodaikanal, a place that is held dear by many KIS alumni.

Kodai Friends has embarked on a Capital Campaign to raise engagement and support of KIS alumni. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding this. The most common perception is that KIS alumni in North America do not need to support kids from well to do families in India to go to Kodai School. This perception is perhaps the farthest from reality. Support from alumni of any institution helps strengthen the bond between the alumni and the institution and provides opportunities to people who otherwise would not be able to get a KIS experience/education.

In the past KFI has disbursed scholarships that have depleted the designated scholarship funds, causing the particular scholarship to cease to exist. This is not a long term sustainable model. Thus the idea is to build up a corpus, or endowment, where the interest is used to fund the scholarships while unused portions are returned to the principal so that the scholarship can exist in perpetuity.  KFI is fortunate. Through past and current fundraising efforts, KFI has invested a lump sum from which the interest generated provides the revenue for all operating expenses thereby allowing 100% of the money given by donors to go to the cause for which it is donated.

Kodaikanal International School is a school the world needs! KFI sits in the valued position of having the resources to provide financial assistance for scholarships and projects at KIS and in Kodaikanal. Won’t you join us in this endeavor to help the institution that gave so many of us our strong foundation in our formative years which we built upon at further institutions of higher learning and molded our character with experiences we call Life?!

All the best-

Jeetu Nanda, Class of 1983
KFI President
15 August 2017