The Minnesota KIS alumni chapter gathered on Saturday, April 8th and enjoyed great spring weather, dynamite flavors and cuisine. Twenty-three from across a half century of classes joined for a Kodai lunch at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.

Those present included Bob and Lu Carman, brother Bruce Carman from Idaho, Lydia Rittmann Volz, Helen Naumann Spitzak and Becky, John and Faye Naumann, Judy and Joe Kessler, Vic and Carol Grubbs Hagstrom, Jane Hagstrom Morgan, Tom Johnson, Judi Staal and Mary and Jay, Kristina Hoefer, Lynn Stoltz, Adithya Joseph Connerton, and Joe and Marty Grubbs Rittmann.

In addition to pakora, egg curry, sooji prasad, cakes, and flat breads, there was a choice of home-cooked chicken biriyani, shami kebab, lime curry, channa dal, turmeric rice, chicken xacuti, chicken and sweet potato, besan barfi, carrot halva, cucumber raita, lime pickle and mango pickle.

A total of $280.00 was raised and donated to KFI’s Fund A Need.

Photo Names (left to right):
(above) Carol Hagstrom, Jane Morgan, Faye Naumann, John Naumann, Helen Spitzak and Tom Johnson

Judy Kessler, Kristina Hoefer, Joe Kessler, Judi Staal and Mary Staal

Becky, Tom Johnson, Vic Hagstom, Carol Hagstrom, Jane Morgan, Faye Naumann, John Naumann

Lydia Volz, Lu Carman, Bob Carman, Bruce Carman and Joel Otten