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Current Projects and Scholarships supported by KFI Donors

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Kodai Friends International is currently supporting the following programs, scholarships and projects, thanks to the generosity and interest of KIS alumni and friends. Additional scholarships and projects are planned for the future. If you would like to learn more, email or call 603-998-7471.


Recycling Efforts in Kodaikanal Township Kodaikanal International School’s initiatives with the Recycling project began with great enthusiasm, big goals and a greater vision. What would the town of Kodaikanal look like if KIS made a concerted effort to engage local...

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Keith and Marcine DeJong Music Legacy

2015/16 Music Field Trip to Chennai - In the 2015/16 academic year, the Music Department of Kodaikanal International School began an ambitious project. The goal was set to establish a partnership with longstanding, respected Western music organizations outside of...

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Marilyn Scudder Scholar

Sponsored by the Classes of 1956 and 1955 - I am so very grateful to the donors that have given me the opportunity to be the recipient of the Marilyn Scudder Memorial Scholarship. It is a huge privilege for me and I would not still be in this amazing school if it...

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Smokeless Stove student-led initiative

A project sponsored by the Minnesota Chapter, alumni and friends -- Smokeless stoves work to provide an economical and healthy alternative to the common stove used in homes in the rural areas in and around Kodaikanal. Every week, a handful of KIS students work...

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